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One Day #periodretreat
met Iris Verstappen

Zondag 8 september 2019


Feel at home in your own body, throughout all cycles.

As women, we are cyclical beings in a linear world. Which is a beautiful thing if we can listen to both of these qualities. The reality is: we often don’t. We push our bodies to limits that aren’t always healthy, sometimes we suppress the natural cycles of our bodies with hormones, and sometimes we burn ourselves out.


This workshop focuses on remembering that we are, in fact, cyclical beings in a linear world. And how we can integrate this idea into our linear lifestyles.


We will focus on laying out the various phases of our menstrual cycle, and how we can create our schedules in such a way, that we experience the most graceful menstrual periods. Meaning: no cramps, less PMS, no backaches, no headaches.
You’ll learn how to map out your menstrual cycle, tend to the various phases and integrate your cycle into your life, and learning how to create a period retreat for yourself that fits your schedule.

Heart over Head Retreat
Iris Verstappen - One Day Period Retreat

What will you take home with you?

  • a comprehensive understanding of your cycle
  • tools to practice body-listening and being tuned in with your cycle
  • how to create your own #periodretreat (regardless of how busy your schedule is)
  • a sense of belonging in your own body to take with you in the rest of your cycles



We will begin the day at 10:00 and we will close at 17:30. And this is what we’ll do:

  • Opening circle
  • Hormone yoga sequence
  • Menstrual cycle 101 “everything your biology teacher never told you about your menstrual cycle & hormones” + demystifying common menstrual issues, causes & solutions
  • Lunch
  • Create your own #periodretreat & make conscious body choices
  • Q&A w/ Iris
  • Closing circle


One Day #periodretreat

8 september 2019 10:00 – 17:00

Zwier || Vrijhaven van de Stad, Vinkeveense Plassen

Price: €125,- incl. BTW
Duo ticket: €120,- p.p. incl. BTW

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One Day #periodretreat 8 september


Duoticket: €5 korting per persoon. De korting wordt in de winkelmand weergegeven.


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2 And more. 120,00

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About Iris


Iris is a cycle + sexual well-being consultant and doula (full spectrum — pregnancy, birth & postpartum). Her work evolves around our menstrual and life cycles from periods to postpartum. In all her work, the main focus lays on getting to know our bodies (gaining body literacy), sharing tools to make informed body choices and cultivating a sense of body belonging throughout all changes and cycles our bodies move through.


Together with her stepsister Iris founded Rebozo Closing Ritual which delivers high-quality care to support women and their families during their postpartum period.

More info about Iris and her work can be found on and