The wisdom of the horses - One Day Retreats
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Connect to your Essence
Through the Wisdom of the Horses

Morning Retreat: Zondag 4 oktober


“The connection with the horses can be experienced as very grounding and unique for everyone”

The wisdom of the horse, which is in it’s true life essence, reflects back to us where we are not yet in line with our own essence. With the flow of life itself. Where do we fight or resist what Life is giving us in the moment? Where are we not accepting and softening in our energy field is what the horse will pick up immediately.


The primal instinct of this prey animal is to always harmonize for the safety of the herd. At the moment we are in the field with the horses we are part of its herd. This harmonizing behavior will reflect back into our system. We have the opportunity to meet whatever is arising by resting in Awareness and allowing the intelligence of the body to harmonize our inner herd.


We meet at Van Stal, a beautiful little paradise for horses and for us. We start our morning retreat with meditation, setting intention, gentle movement and innate tools to melt into our body, exploring and resting in Awareness. After a little tea break we make our way into the fields to connect with the horses. In an intimate group we find our way in the herd to explore what to meet for ourselves through the eyes of the horse. A grounding and unique experience for everyone.

Wisdom of the horses 2
Illja Bos
The eyes of the Horse

What you need to know:

  • All levels are welcome. There is no experience needed with meditation, yoga and horses
  • The session with the horses is next to the horse, we will not be riding horses
  • If you have some fear to be with the horses, you are also very welcome to come and explore
  • This Morning Retreat will be guided in Dutch. English if needed, please email us.


The Wisdom of the Horses

Zondag 4 oktober 2020 || 09:30 – 13:00

Van Stal, Amstelveen

Investering: €79,- incl. BTW, tea & snacks

➵ Kom je samen met iemand? Dan ontvangen jullie allebei €5,- korting

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The Wisdom of the Horses – Morning Retreat


Duoticket: €5 korting per persoon. De korting wordt in de winkelmand weergegeven.


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About Illja:


Ilja Bos

The morning retreat will be facilitated by Illja, yoga & meditation teacher and Equine assisted Coach ( coaching with horses ) Illja is known for her truthful, loving and gentle guidance and being the space for everyone’s individual proces. The horses came back into her life a few years ago; “ for me it’s clear why I love to work with the horses. Their sensitivity, honesty and authenticity reflects purely and in an instant where i’m not in tune with my Essence yet, and from a place of unconditional love they show me the way, every time”