Release and Realise online weekend retreat - One Day Retreats
Kom thuis bij jezelf tijdens deze verdiepende stiltedag met behulp van verschillende meditaties begeleid door yoga- en meditatiedocent Rolandjan van Mulligen. ''Meditatie is niet iets wat je doet, het is je natuurlijke staat van Zijn.'
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Release and Realise || Online Retreat

12th – 14th of June, 2020


“This weekend retreat will be a delightful inner clean up”


These uncertain times of major global changes may trigger in us a wide range of emotions such as fear and insecurity. We offer this weekend retreat to come together in a safe and supportive space, in order to meet what is alive inside of us, what wants to be seen and thus can be transcended.


During our online Release & Realise retreat we will share with you powerful tools and pointers to go beyond and see through the limited ideas we have about ourselves. We will meet and release built up tensions and stress so that we can realise what we are in essence.


We see resting in Being as the greatest joy there is. As human Beings we long for true unfading peace, happiness and love. Most of us know by now this is not found ‘out there’, but by turning within. By dropping our stories, going beyond our fixed ideas, we will surely discover Home within our selves.

Wout en Ro
Rolandjan v. Mulligen

This weekend retreat will be a delightful inner clean up. After this weekend we will:


  • feel spacious and calm, joyful and centred
  • feel peaceful and confident that nothing can compromise that peace
  • feel new inspiration and creativity
  • have a wide variety of tools we can use in our everyday life to find our true peaceful position again
  • be able to move beyond fears
  • reduce stress levels within ourselves
  • feel a deeper connection with ourselves and the people around us


This weekend retreat consists of 5 blocks of 2 hours spread out over 3 days. Every block consists of:


  • opening circle and introduction of the theme of the day
  • warming up and grounding
  • main practice
  • closing circle/ sharing


Each day has its own theme:


Friday is about connecting to our bodies. We will establish together a safe setting in which we are able to sincerely explore our inner workings and share from an authentic place. We will practice Yin Yoga & a ‘body-sense’ meditation.


Saturday will be dedicated to meeting and releasing old patterns and emotions, cleaning out our inner spaces, so you will feel radiantly alive and energised! We will practice Vinyasa yoga and circular breathwork.


Sunday will be all about True Meditation. Sunday we will (re)discover and get familiar with the Peace we timelessly are. We will practice yoga & pranayama, and guided and silent meditation.


Release and Realise || Online Weekend Retreat

12 – 14 June, 2020

Location: From the comfort of your own Home

Friday from 19:00 – 21:00 Introduction: €15,-
Saturday from 10:00 – 12:00 & from 19:00 – 21:00: €40,-
Sunday from 10:00 – 12:00 & from 19:00 – 21:00: €50,-
Saturday and Sunday together: €80,-
Full weekend price (recommended to get the most out of it): €90,-


In this online Release & Realise Weekend Retreat we will release stress and tensions to realise what we truly are. We will together explore and familiarise ourselves with some of the following techniques:


Yin Yoga – Vinyasa Yoga – Pranayama – Breathwork – Mantra Singing – Shaking – Authentic Sharing – True Meditation

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Release and Realise 12 – 14 juni