One Day Heart over Head - One Day Retreats
This retreat will take you on a new journey towards the heart bringing more compassion, gratitude and self-love into your life.
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One Day Heart over Head
met Nienke & Britta

Zaterdag 13 oktober 2018


Are you ready to discover a path to live your life with an open heart, centered in self-love, compassion and gratitude?

How often do we get stuck in the head? Overwhelmed by the chatter, all those unnecessary thoughts, and especially limiting beliefs that do not allow us to actually unfold our full potential and live happy with ourselves.


We would like to take you on a new journey towards the heart bringing more compassion, gratitude and self-love into your life. Together – with like minded people, we create a safe space for everyone to get out of the head and daily hassles and challenges. Bringing more awareness into your daily life and taking fundamental steps towards the essential basis of (self-) love for a happier and fulfilled life.


Explore together with us new ways of caring for yourself, nourishing your soul. We will have a variety of activities from flowing with yoga, movement activity, empowering heart chakra yoga postures, inspiring workshops full of exercises, reflections and learnings and finally grounding, heart opening meditations.


Take this chance to step out of what you know to reconnect to what you might have forgotten.


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers that you have built against it” – Rumi

What will you take home with you?

  • Various inspirations how to live your life with an open heart
  • How to develop more self-love and compassion for yourself
  • Your own self-love and gratefulness routine
  • Yoga and meditation as key tools for more presence and awareness in life
  • Access to the two guided meditation audios
  • More awareness in your daily life


We will begin the day at 10:00 and we will close at 17:30. And this is what we’ll do:

  • Sacred Opening Circle; including the celebration and honouring of heart opening Cacao
  • A flowing Yoga Class; bringing awareness into the present moment and connecting inward
  • Learning empowering heart chakra yoga postures; shifting the energy towards love and compassion
  • Two workshops to deepen one’s own self-love, embracing authenticity and understanding the barriers to self-love
  • Developing a self-love routine
  • Discovering the power of the heart
  • Deeper connection with your higher self
  • Activity after lunch including movement
  • Two meditations opening yourself towards compassion and gratitude
  • Sacred Closing Ceremony; sharing with an open heart
  • A delicious nourishing lunch and healthy snacks and refreshments


One Day Heart over Head met Nienke & Britta

13 oktober 2018 10:00 – 17:30

Zwier || Vrijhaven van de Stad, Vinkeveense Plassen

Price: €109,- incl. BTW

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About Nienke & Britta


Nienke and Britta met in Brazil beginning of this year while working at a Self-Development Center and hostel and had an instant soul sister connection. Both passionate yoga teachers and very much on their path towards a happy, fulfilled and purposeful life, living in love and light. Together they have lead workshops, ecstatic dances and yoga and during the 30 day empowerment program of Rosemary Dream hostel in Brazil. Both are more than excited to share their knowledge, experience and heart with all participants on this one day experience.