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One Day Prenatal Retreat
met Kasia Pokrop

Zaterdag 15 februari 2020


For all moms-to-be at any stage of their pregnancies.

During this day you will receive many tools to support you during your pregnancy, your birthing day and even afterwards. Kasia will share Birthlight prenatal yoga practices and HypnoBirthing practices – a combination that has proven extremely helpful for her students but also for herself as a mom of 2.


Kasia will share special yoga practices to help you to stay fit, to keep your energy level high, to sleep better and to avoid many pregnancy pains such as lower back pain. And maybe even the most important one: you will learn to listen to your body. When you’re connected to your body the labor experience will be much easier and more comfortable.


During the HypnoBirthing practices you will learn how to deal with fear and anxiety which will help you to relax and release on your birthing day. Kasia will share breathing techniques that will not only support you during labor but also after pregnancy; amazing tools for some of the more difficult nights with your little wonder…


We’ll practice and experience:

  • Our body’s perfect design – brief explanation of the ‘tools’ that we have naturally to support birthing
  • Breathing techniques for different stages of labor
  • Movements and positions for the first stage of labor (labor circuit)
  • Positions to support you during birthing phase
  • Relaxation techniques for coping with different body sensations
  • Toning the body exercises, incl. perineum and pelvic release exercise
  • Natural means to get things moving during labor
  • How to prepare yourself, your partner and your birthing environment for different stages of labor



We will begin the day at 10:00 and we will close at 17:30. And this is what we’ll do:

  • Opening circle
  • Birthlight Prenatal yoga class focused on practices to support you during pregnancy and labor
  • Birth preparation workshops based on HypnoBirthing and Birthlight practices
  • Lunch and healthy snacks throughout the day
  • HypnoBirthing deep relaxation session
  • Closing circle


One Day Prenatal Retreat

15 februari 2020 10:00 – 17:00

Zwier || Vrijhaven van de Stad, Vinkeveense Plassen

Price: €139,- incl. BTW
Duo ticket: €129,- p.p. incl. BTW
Please check with your health insurance about their policy with respect to birth preparation courses. Since a big part of the One Day Retreat program is a birth preparation workshop, it is very likely that your insurance provider will cover at least part of the cost.

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One Day Prenatal Retreat 15 februari


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2 And more. 129,00

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About Kasia


“I did pregnancy yoga with Kasia throughout my entire pregnancy. It helped me not only to relax, I also had no pregnancy related physical complaints like lower back pains etc., I believe that is because of the yoga. Kasia creates a calm, personal, intimate atmosphere which makes you feel at ease from day one, also when you haven’t done any yoga before.

The poses and breathing techniques she taught helped me during labor. It wasn’t an easy labor – I had to go to the hospital to get additional hormones – but using the ujjayi breathing technique helped me through labor without any painkillers. And when they wanted to do a C-section because the baby wasn’t positioned correctly, I asked to try for another two hours, got on all fours (on hands and knees) and in this position managed to reposition the baby. No C-section was necessary and the baby was born naturally. I would recommend pregnancy yoga with Kasia to any pregnant woman!”

Miruna – May 2019, Amsterdam


“I attended the delivery workshop with Kasia, whom I knew from the prenatal yoga classes. The workshop was very useful to learn about natural birthing options, positioning the baby, labor progress, breathing techniques in each stage and labor positions and partner pain relieve options. Overall it gave me more security on my options for labor and a lot of confidence to manage it. Also it got me started in hypnobirthing and I am now a big advocate for it.

Kasia is a great teacher and communicator, and made all explanations easy and practical, I would definitely recommend this workshop to all expecting mothers. My labor will start in the coming weeks and I am looking forward to apply what I’ve learned.”

Carla – August 2019, Amsterdam