One Day at Home Retreat - One Day Retreats
Relax and reconnect yoga retreat in Tuscany Italy
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One Day at Home Retreat

A beautiful programme to spend a full day with yourself

Only when we connect to ourselves, we can truly connect to others.

In this increasingly individualistic society that only revolves around fast, faster and fastest, we have less and less time for ourselves and each other. It seems as if we have forgotten that true love cannot be created with money but comes from within. If we never take the time to be with ourselves, we will never experience this true love. This day is for you to take a step back and reconnect with yourself.


This One Day Retreat includes a beautiful programme to spend a full day with yourself. With tips for beautiful walks, delicious recipes & good books. This day will leave you feeling (re-)connected to yourself, relaxed, inspired and energized.

One Day Retreat at Home



One Day Retreat at Home
One Day Retreat at Home

Feel like more Selfcare? We have created a very special Five Month programme ‘The Art of Selfcare’. During this programme we help you to find the way again towards the connection with yourself. We help you to find your flow again in every day life.


You will commit yourself to 5 months of selfcare and each month we work with 1 of the 5 elements through which we take a complete journey through ourselves, our bodies and our emotions.

It is time to prioritize yourself!